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Prostate Wellbeing

Prostate massage is a great plus in terms of men's health. It can form one beneficial part of optimal care and disease prevention for your amazing prostate. Healthy eating, exercising, relaxing, being sexually active all making a positive difference for your prostate and beyond! :)

According to cancer scientists,

about 5-10% of prostate cancers are genetic/hereditary in nature.

The rest is LIFE STYLE related...

Take care of your prostate as you only have one!

Healthy Lifestyle = Healthy Prostate Gland!

Sexual vigor and prostate health go hand in hand

Healthy, positive mind

Healthy diet


Good blood circulation

Being sexually active

Rest. De-stress. Relax.

  • It can help remove toxins from the gland

  • More oxygen can reach the gland alongside better nourishment as a result

  • It can improve blood circulation and chi in the area

  • It can reduce and soothe pain as well as inflammation in the area

  • Comfort and healthy nerve stimulation in the area​





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Prostate Massage May Help With:

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Chronic Prostatitis





Erectile Dysfunction (ED)​​

Help your prostate with these prostate nourishing foods.  Your fantastic prostate will reciprocate with an optimal performance :)

Omega 3 inhibiting chronic inflammation in prostate.

Organic apples with anti-inflammatory flavonoid quercetin.

Filtered, clean water part of detoxification.

Grains, seeds, nuts, cooked steel-cut oats - fiber rich foods helping move carcinogens out of the body.

Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric - strong antioxidant herbs, anti-cancerous properties, prevent cancerous tumours.

Supporting healthy immune system which protects from cancerous cells forming.

Reduce the level of prostate specific antigen

Kelp - iodine rich, full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, proapoptotic.

Polyphenols found in grape skin or red wine act as cancer prevention.

Cruciferous - full of cancer fighting abilities.

Antioxidants in berries great defence against free radicals.



Lycopene in fresh tomato sauce has strong anti-tumour and antiangiogenic properties.



Dr. Katz's Guide to


From Conventional to Holistic Therapies 

How to prevent & treat prostate disease with the latest 

breakthrough from traditional and alternative medicine.

Center for Holistic Urology

Columbia University

Your wonderful prostate is well when you relax, have a "can do" mindset, exercise and live in toxin free environment.

Laughter releases the body’s natural opiates into the bloodstream, dulling pain and improving mood.

Non-toxic, calming home environment.

Physical activity such as jogging, brisk walk, circuit weight training.

Meditation Even few minutes each day goes a long way.

Yoga Combines movement and relaxation, meditation, increases flexibility, strength while incorporating breathing.

Qi-Gong coordination of one’s mind intent, breathing and postures.

Love for self and others.

Natural products for your skin, cleaning, painting, garden, etc.

Deep Breathing Great and quick stress diffuser.


Dr. Katz's Guide to PROSTATE HEALTH

From Conventional to Holistic Therapies 

How to prevent & treat prostate disease with the latest 

breakthrough from traditional and alternative medicine.

Center for Holistic Urology

Columbia University

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Useful Prostate Links:

Great tips from William who used to suffer from prostate issues!

Recommended Books


prostate health larry_edited.jpg

Larry, Ph.D., who had prostate cancer describes his own of why he decided against medical advice, stuck to his guns and embarked upon a journey of healing his prostate naturally. 

prostate and health-min.JPG

Ronald has written several books on prostate, a topic he knows loads on given he used to suffer with an extreme case of BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia) aka enlarged prostate..

'Healthy prostate' is a comprehensive book on real health, prostate prevention and healing the prostate naturally without often the side effects of modern medicines. 

image_123986672 (1)_edited.jpg

Easy to read by any laymen, gives a good info on both conventional and natural alternatives to prostate conditions. 

image_123986672 (2)-min_edited.jpg

Great book from Brandon who is a strong supporter of men's health. He lists various potent prostate super foods, herbs, supplements, exercise etc. 

image_123986672 (3)-min_edited.jpg

A very readably written science based book by Dr Mark who gives advice on prostate conditions prevention, life style recommendations, prostate friendly diet, the importance of relaxation, etc.

He thinks holistically about prostate problems and embraces both natural and conventional treatments. Highly recommendable!

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Dr Jack Morin, aka as Dr Anal, was a very respected famous therapist in the USA before he passed away. In Anal Pleasure and Health he discusses anything about the back door, prostate, pleasure, anal health, safety etc. Great, informative book.


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