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Miss Joy
Prostate Massage Practitioner

Miss Joy has performed over 500 prostate massage treatments, ranging from 1 - 3 hours each. Whether you are a novice or are more experienced you will soon realise you are in capable hands.


Miss Joy is kind, feminine, experienced, gentle young lady. She initially became interested in the prostate gland after her close relatives became diagnosed with prostate enlargement and prostate cancer. 


Furthermore her empathy with the male prostate (G spot) comes from her own experience of female anal stimulation and from her deep understanding of the benefits to be derived (please keep in mind you are, at all times, the passive receiver of prostate massage).


Prostate massage is not a magic bullet. It can be only one aspect of an equation of happy care and prevention for your beautiful and amazing prostate. Healthy, nutritious food, exercise, positive disposition, limited stress and as non toxic environment as possible are all essential for for a content prostate. Love your prostate. Love yourself. 


My Approach 

I use individual approach hence no session is the same. 

I approach each receiver of my prostate session with respect, kindness, non judgment and their own individuality and needs. 

To feel the most comfortable I have my studio arranged in a way to help you feel relaxed; a good atmosphere, warmth, non-toxic natural candles, greenery, aromatherapy, hot no scent natural, light, non sticky rapeseed oil or 100% raw coconut oil, 

refreshing filtered water or an assortment of calming and relaxing herbal teas on offer, as well as soothing, ambient relaxation music. Essentials such as fresh towels and shower room are of course available.

It is essential to be fully relaxed before prostate massage itself takes place. This is why great deal of attention and time is devoted first to quality sensual, relaxing, slow paced full body massage as well as therapeutic massage to bring your mind and body into alignment and calmness. 

Make your amazing prostate happy with the following prostate nourishing foods.  Your beautiful prostate will reciprocate with the perfect multifaceted performance.

Dr Katz from Holistic Urology Medical Centre suggest the following proven prevention foods:

Antioxidants in berries

Antioxidants in berries



Best source from fresh tomato sauce


Dr. Katz's Guide to PROSTATE HEALTH

From Conventional to Holistic Therapies 

How to prevent & treat prostate disease with the latest 

breakthrough from traditional and alternative medicine.

Center for Holistic Urology

Columbia University

Berries - full of antioxidants and a great defence against free radicals

Broccoli, broccoli sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage - full of cancer fighting abilities 

A glass of Red wine  - polyphenols found in grape skins and red wine acts as cancer prevention.

Fresh tomato sauce - contains lycopene which has strong anti-tumor and antiangiogenic properties. 

Omega 3 inhibits chronic inflammation in the prostate tissue. Best sources wild caught salmon, sardines, cod.

Mushroomsreduce the levels of prostate specific antigen

Garlic and onion - so called allium veggies with potent detox, antioxidant, tumour growth inhibition, anti-inflammatory, relief of BPH symptoms.

Seaweed esp kelp - iodine rich foods with antioxidant, antiinflammatory, prodifferentiating, and proapoptotic effects.

Organic apples with anti-inflammatory flavonoid quercetin

Ginger, cinnamon, turmeric- strong antioxidant herbs, anti-cancerous properties, prevent cancerous tumours, Always add black pepper to turmeric to increase its bioavailability manyfold... 

Fermented soy - tofu, tempeh, miso - all containing isoflavones. A staple diet in Asian countries with inverse relationship found between soy consumption and death from prostate cancer. The more soy men ate, the less likely the were to die from prostate cancer.

Plenty of filtered, clean water - part of daily detoxification

Probiotics - support healthy immune system which protects from cancerous cells forming 

– spinach, kale, parsley, arugula, /red wine 

Fiber rich foods help move carcinogens out of the body - whole grains, seeds, nuts, slow cooked, steel-cut oats. A salad a day to keep the doctor away. 



Your wonderful prostate is the happiest when you are as relaxed as possible on a day to day basis,  have a "can do" mindset, exercise and live in least toxic environment possible. 

Protect and prevent your very essential prostate gland today and every day.

Dr Katz from Holistic Urology Medical Center suggest following proven relaxation methods and life style tweaks. 

 Choose joyful prostate. 

Healing power of laughter has been scientifically proven to be the antidote to stress and pain time after time. Laughter releases the body’s natural opiates into the bloodstream, dulling pain and improving mood. Watching funny videos blunts stress-induced physiological changes.

Non toxic and calming environment in your home as part of healthy life style

Incorporate more physical activity into your day-to-day routine. Chose moderate exercise you truly enjoy, be it jogging, brisk walk, circuit weight training.

Meditation - less important which type of meditation you choose. To practice daily is important.

Gentle yoga – combines movement and relaxation, meditation, visualisation, increases flexibility, strength while incorporating breathing, this ancient legacy from the original yogis has healing qualities.

Qi-Gong - ancient practice that brings control over internal energy through the coordination of one’s mind intent, breathing and postures.

Be in love with yourself, in a loving relationship and at good terms with others.

Choosing natural products whether for your skin, cleaning, painting, garden, etc.

Deep Breathing – proper prolonged inhaling and exhaling, with abdomen expanding first, then the chest, great and quick stress diffuser.


Dr. Katz's Guide to PROSTATE HEALTH

From Conventional to Holistic Therapies 

How to prevent & treat prostate disease with the latest 

breakthrough from traditional and alternative medicine.

Center for Holistic Urology

Columbia University


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